Co-founder of Reddit: We are in the ’spring of cryptocurrency‘


Alexis Ohanian, co-founder and former CEO of Reddit, pointed out that numerous talents around the world are making important applications for blockchain technology.

During a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Ohanian said:

„We really are in the springtime of cryptocurrency. Top-level engineers, developers and designers are building real blockchain-based solutions.

Top-notch talent is building on this infrastructure, […] and for me this is the most interesting part.“

Ohanian: I’ve been owning cryptocurrency „for some time now.“
Ohanian also revealed that he invested in crypto currency:

„A percentage of my estate is in

  • have been documented
  • begun lobbying efforts
  • first to regulate
  • including the head
  • experienced a brief outage
  • earlier this spring
  • published in chinese media
  • began accepting customer deposits
  • give it a shot
  • applied for a patent

, it has been for some time now. I continue to believe in crypto currency. I don’t plan to make any changes to my investments at the moment.“

The co-founder of Reddit also called this asset class „a prudent hedge“:

„It’s interesting to see how even Wall Street traders are entering the cryptocurrency business and buying Bitcoin. This shows that BTC is destined to last.“

Reddit will launch tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

This month, Reddit launched its Community Points: a reward system based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The mechanism is currently being tested on the Rinkeby testnet, but will be transferred to the mainnet by the end of the year.

These points have already been distributed in the r/Cryptocurrency and r/FortniteBR communities, in the form of tokens called „Moon“ and „Brick“. At the time of writing this article, users created 2,679 wallets for Moon and 11,710 for Brick.